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Lievito Madre

Lievito Madre: Italian sourdough

Lievito Madre (also called mother yeast) in powder form is a mild wheat sourdough with natural yeasts. It is produced naturally by Merano Mill in Italy and then gently dried. It can be used instead of yeast for various baking specialties, such as bread, ciabatta, pinsa or pizza, and convinces with its typical dough loosening properties and its mild, Mediterranean taste.

Short dough rest

Combined with traditional dry yeast, Lievito Madre with short dough rest is suitable for all those who want to enjoy the special taste experience of mild sourdough ¬and save time at the same time.

One sales unit contains 3 x 35 g Lievito Madre and is sufficient for 3 x 500 g flour.


You still need:

  • 500 g wheat flour, type 550
  • 1 packet of Lievito Madre (35 g)
  • 10 g salt (approx. 2 tsp.)
  • 325 ml lukewarm water


Prepare the dough

  1. Put the flour, a packet of Lievito Madre and salt in a mixing bowl and mix. Add the lukewarm water. Using an electric mixer (dough hook), mix on the lowest speed for 5 minutes (at low speed) until an elastic dough is formed. The dough should come away from the side of the bowl.
  2. Let the dough rise, well covered, in a warm place for about 45 minutes.
  3. First preheat the oven to 30°C and then let the dough rest in the oven with the lights on (dough temperature about 27°C). The right temperature is very important for the dough volume.


  1. After the volume of the dough has increased significantly, round the bread (for tips on rounding dough, simply scan the QR code and watch the video). The loaf can then be placed in a greased and floured baking pan (approx. 25 cm) or placed on a baking sheet lined with baking paper. Dust with flour for a rustic look.
  2. Let the bread rest again in a warm place (in the oven with the light on) for about 35 minutes, remove from the oven and cut into it with a knife as desired. Preheat the oven to 230 °C and bake the bread for 5 minutes at the higher temperature. Then turn the oven to 200 °C and bake the bread for another 35 minutes.


dried natural yeast (Lievito Madre) from wheat flour type 0, yeast, emulsifier sorbitan monostearate.


The prepared product contains:

Energy (kJ)1516 kJ
Energy (kcal)358 kcal
Fat2.5 g
of which saturates0.6 g
Carbohydrate58 g
of which sugar2.7 g
Protein22 g
Salt0.07 g

* Reference for an average adult (8400 kJ / 2000 kcal).


Information for persons with allergies and/or intolerances

This product contains the following allergenic ingredients according to the law:

  • Gluten

Due to our wide range of products, different articles are produced on the production lines, so that traces of certain allergens cannot be completely avoided despite careful processing:

May contain traces of egg, milk, soy, mustard and nuts due to production.

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Lievito Madre