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Here at RUF, we’re setting new trends with innovative and reliable products in the B2B sector, too: for professional use in the food service industry, for retail brands, on the global market, or for the food-processing industry, with a wide range of components and ingredients.

Our aim is to make your day-to-day work easier and offer you new and consistently developed products. Our specialist consultants are happy to help you in all areas and pass on their specialist knowledge in a clear way. We’ll work with you to find a successful solution:

  • our food retail sales team are out on the road each day to support you in day-to-day operations.
  • In the food service industry, our staff will show you how our reliable products can be used efficiently in your industrial kitchen.
  • For private labels, our team are also happy to help you introduce and design products for your brand.
  • Our employees are also available for international matters to create products to suit the tastes of different countries.
  • Our employees are also experienced food-processing industry advisers and are familiar with the key criteria. With the right specialist knowledge, our colleagues offer you components to make your production process easier.