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Yeast Dough

Yeast dough is a great all-rounder. It’s incredibly versatile and among the most popular basic doughs. This dough is the foundation of various bakes. Pizza, rolls, bread, cakes, doughnuts, Danish pastry and stollen all need the right yeast dough.

Yet this dough divides opinion – some find it easy to make, while others end up on the verge of despair: why isn’t the dough rising? How long does it need to rest? When do I use fresh or dry yeast? Should it be warm or cold? How long do I have to knead it for? Should I use my hands or a machine?

With our basic yeast dough, you can make a success of any yeast-based recipe, and there’s no need to fear the process any longer. The dough rises with a lovely open crumb – making baking a real delight. Whether it’s fruitcake, cinnamon buns, or braided loaves, RUF Yeast Dough is wonderfully light and can be moulded into all kinds of shapes and used for all kinds of flavours.


What else you’ll need

  • 160 ml warm water
  • 60 g soft margarine or butter


  1. Simply put the basic mixture and the yeast in a mixing bowl and mix them together.
  2. Add the lukewarm water and soft margarine or butter.
  3. Use an electric hand mixer (dough hook) on its highest setting to produce a smooth dough. The dough should come away from the edge of the bowl.
  4. Then leave the dough covered in a warm place to rise for around 40 minutes.
  5. Once the dough has risen significantly, you can give it a quick knead through on a floury surface and you can do whatever you like with it. Depending on the recipe, bake for around 30 minutes at around 200 °C in a conventional oven (fan approx. 175 °C).


base mix: wheat flour, sugar, skimmed-milk powder, salt, flavouring.

dry yeast (1,8 %): yeast, emulsifier E 491.

Packaged in a protectice athmosphere.


The prepared product contains:

Energy (kJ)1397 kJ
Energy (kcal)332 kcal
Fat9.4 g
of which saturates2.4 g
Carbohydrate53 g
of which sugar12 g
Protein7.3 g
Salt0.43 g

* Reference for an average adult (8400 kJ / 2000 kcal).


Information for persons with allergies and/or intolerances

This product contains the following allergenic ingredients according to the law:

  • Milk
  • Gluten

Due to our wide range of products, different articles are produced on the production lines, so that traces of certain allergens cannot be completely avoided despite careful processing:

May contain traces of egg, soya and nuts.

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Yeast Dough