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Cookie Dough Chocolate-Sandwich Cake

Chocolate meets cookie dough: the cookie dough chocolate-sandwich cake

‘Don’t eat too much raw cookie dough or you’ll just get stomach ache’ – we’ve heard it all before. How many times did Mum have to warn us, pulling a finger covered with raw dough from the bowl?

So it’s a good thing that ready-to-eat cookie dough has been around to sweeten up our lives for a little while now. Whether it’s in cookie dough ice cream, cookie dough bites, cookie dough chocolate, or just pure cookie dough to eat by the spoonful on the sofa in the evening. But for the ultimate in cookie dough delight, it’s got to be a cookie dough cake!

No-bake Cookie Dough Chocolate-Sandwich Cake

With our cookie dough chocolate-sandwich cake, we’re bringing a delicious no-bake cookie dough onto the baking shelves.

This sandwich cake with a delicious cookie dough base is a no-bake triumph with a wonderfully chocolate and creamy taste. The fine chocolate cookie dough forms a perfect partnership with light whipped cream and is topped with a smooth chocolate ganache – it’s choccy heaven!

Tip: Even the baking tray is included. All you need to do is add a few fresh ingredients and the cake is ready in just a few easy steps – once cooled, you can serve it straight away.


You’ll also need

For the dough:

  • 35 g margarine
  • 15 ml (approx. 2 tbsp) water

For the cream:

  • 300 g whipped cream (min. 30% fat)

For the glaze:

  • 100 g whipped cream (min. 30% fat)


  1. First of all, bring the 100 g cream briefly to the boil in a pot and place the chocolate drops in a bowl. Pour the hot cream onto the chocolate drops and stir until the chocolate has melted. Leave the glaze to cool in the fridge.
  2. Fold the baking tray as instructed, but do not fold over the top side flaps.
  3. Put the cookie dough mix, margarine and water into a mixing bowl and turn them into crumbs with the electric mixer (dough hook) on a medium setting.
  4. Put the crumbs into the tray, smooth with the back of a tablespoon and press down slightly on the base. Put the tray in the fridge.
  5. Place 300 g of cooled cream in a tall mixing container and use an electric hand mixer (whisk) to whip into stiff peaks. Gradually add the cream powder.
  6. Distribute half the cream filling on the cookie dough base and smooth it out. Distribute only around half the chocolate glaze on the cream filing. Then spread on the rest of the cream and top with the remaining glaze.
  7. Leave the cake in the fridge for at least 2 hours. Before serving, loosen the edges of the baking tray using a knife and smooth the edges.

Tip: The cookie dough cake is also delicious frozen. Leave it overnight in the freezer for around 8 hours. Leave the cake to thaw for around 15 minutes before serving and remove the baking tray.


Dough mix: wheat flour, sugar, fat reduced cocoa powder (1,5 %), salt, natural flavouring.

Dark chocolate drops (31 %): cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier lecithins.

Cream powder: sugar, gelatine, maltodextrin, modified starch, acid citric acid, flavouring.


The prepared product contains:

  100gPortion ( 48g )RAA *
Energy (kJ)1507 kJ723 kJ9 %
Energy (kcal)362 kcal174 kcal0 %
Fat24 g11 g16 %
of which saturates13 g6.2 g31 %
Carbohydrate32 g15 g6 %
of which sugar22 g11 g12 %
Protein4.2 g2 g4 %
Salt0.14 g0.07 g1 %

* Reference for an average adult (8400 kJ / 2000 kcal).


Information for persons with allergies and/or intolerances

This product contains the following allergenic ingredients according to the law:

  • Gluten

Due to our wide range of products, different articles are produced on the production lines, so that traces of certain allergens cannot be completely avoided despite careful processing:

May contain traces of milk, egg, soya and nuts.

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Cookie Dough Chocolate-Sandwich Cake